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Spark a Special Connection with Colombia for Your Clients

  • Your Trusted Colombia Tour Operator & Boutique DMC for Travel Advisors
  • Welcome to The Colombian Trip, where we specialize in curating vibrant, intimate, and extraordinary experiences that unveil the authentic heart and soul of Colombia and its people.
  • We've dedicated ourselves to forming meaningful partnerships with travel professionals worldwide who seek the pinnacle of expertise, unwavering support, responsive support, and VIP in -destination connections— so travelers come home truly awed by their Colombian travel experience, and ready to book more trips with you.
  • Uncover the opportunities to benefit from our Boutique DMC & Tour Operator services in Colombia:

Unparalleled Local Knowledge

Our team is dedicated to uncovering the most authentic in-destination experiences that are sure to captivate your clients throughout the country. We go beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary moments. We foster close-knit relationships with our hand-picked local guides, enabling us to tailor your clients’ trips to their individual interests.

Whether their passions lie in history, architecture, gastronomy, or adventure—or a harmonious blend of them all—we design a perfectly balanced itinerary.

Concierge Service & Support

From the moment your clients touch down in Colombia to the moment they board their flight back home, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Our full-service support means we’ll be with them every step of the journey, providing exceptional care for your travelers. Thanks to our concierge and personalized service, your clients will feel personally well taken care of and served by you.

Our goal? To make you look good by going above and beyond for your clients and anticipating their needs at every turn.

We offer you concierge support as well throughout the entire planning process. With a single point of contact—our team—you’ll never have to deal with getting the run around or being routed to a third party. We are here to answer your questions, manage your reservations, and respond to your needs swiftly and with the utmost care.

A Flexible Partnership

For the ultimate customized experience, we offer you multiple ways to work with us and brand our trip offerings. Opt for a co-branded approach to show off our partnership to your clients by adding your logo and contact details to our itineraries, or choose a white-label arrangement where we work 100% under your agency name.

You can also choose between our curated ready-to-book Colombia experiences, or work one-on-one with our team to craft a completely customized itinerary tailored to your particular clients’ needs and interests.

Dual-Country Presence

We have licensed and permitted offices in both the U.S. and Colombia, which means you get local in-destination knowledge and support along with the peace of mind that comes with choosing a stateside company.

Our dual presence allows us to truly get to know U.S. traveler preferences and trends, so our on-the-ground partners are always ready to meet them.

As a U.S.-based company, we provide effortless USD payments. Deposit funds directly into our Bank of America or Chase Bank accounts or even Zelle—no complex international transactions or fees required.

Additionally, if you also prefer, we can operate on a commission-based model, depositing into your preferred bank account or via Zelle, or cashiers checks.

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