Why Choose Us

Let Us Reveal the Heart and Soul of Colombia

  • When it comes to exploring Colombia, you deserve more than just a vacation—you deserve an extraordinary experience.
  • Feel the rhythm of Colombia move you on your own custom-crafted journey, designed by The Colombian Trip.
  • We have the passion, people, knowledge, and deep-seated commitment to client care that will ensure your escape exceeds every expectation.
  • On your Colombian Trip, you’ll get:

Flexibility to Explore
on Your Own Terms

Every itinerary we design is tailor-made for our individual clients. Explore Colombia on your terms, at your preferred pace, and dive into your unique passions. We’ll craft it all for you, keeping your budget in mind.

Once you arrive in Colombia, experience the peace and flexibility of private guides, drivers, and transfers throughout your stay.

Want to follow your curiosity, sample street food, or make a spontaneous change to your plans? No hay problema. Your private guide will adapt on the fly because this is Your Colombian Trip!

Comfort, Confidence,
and Peace of Mind

We want you to explore our beloved country with complete confidence. Rest assured that we work with thoroughly vetted travel guides and trusted companies at your destination. Your safety and comfort are always our top priorities.

Our English-speaking local guides are experts in their fields, whether it’s history, or biology. They know the territory intimately and are eager to share their knowledge with you. Your journey will be safe and seamless, and you’ll receive a warm welcome at the airport. Plus, our concierge team is available 24/7 to address any questions, concerns, or special requests while you travel.

Expertise, from a
Colombia-U.S. Based

The Colombian Trip operates in both Colombia and California, USA, providing you with unparalleled on-the-ground expertise. Our dual presence ensures the security and advantages of dealing with a U.S.-based business, offering you peace of mind when exploring Colombia.

Furthermore, we are proud affiliates of leading travel industry networks and organizations, reaffirming our commitment to safety and excellence.

When you choose The Colombian Trip, you’re in the hands of a trusted, top-rated company, ready to make your Colombian journey unforgettable.