Magical Lodging Spots

Medellín, Coffee Region, Tayrona, Cartagena
15 days

  • Colombia: Discover Colombian Treasures Through Magical Lodging Spots
  • - Be part of a unique cultural experience discovering the magical hidden treasures and living local traditions in a different yet immensely special way.

    - Enjoy the immersive experiences that will show you ancestral Colombian traditions.

    - Have you seen the Andean condor up close? At Hotel El Nido, you will live this experience! When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you will see is the magnitude of the Andes mountain and the beauty of the national bird of Colombia.

    - Witness the beautiful landscapes of the Colombian Caribbean coast and enjoy accommodations with unique experiences in the area.

    - Walk along trails and wooden stairs and marvel at the large rocks and beautiful beaches that the Tayrona National Natural Park offers.

    - Learn and discover the rich history of the city of Cartagena at a cultural and architectural level.
  • Day 1

    Welcome to Colombia! Transfer in Medellín | Arrive to the Eternal Spring region

    It is great to have you here in Colombia! We are delighted about your visit and we’ll make sure you will enjoy your stay.

    Welcome to Medellín. You will be picked up with a welcome sign at Medellín Jose Maria Cordova Airport by a private transportation service and taken to your hotel.

    The drive will be approximately 40-60 minutes to your hotel. On the way, your English-speaking guide can give you all the recommendations you may like to get the most out of your stay.

    Cortesía del Bureau de Medellín y

    Cannua Hotel Description

    One of the famous and well-loved lodging spots in Colombia is Cannúa Hotel. It is nestled in the heart of the Antioquian mountain and provides extraordinary opportunities for travelers to explore the beautiful, renewed, magical Colombia through bonafide local experiences, amazing biodiversity, luscious gourmet food, and rewarding adventure excursions.

    Be mesmerized by the majestic beauty of Colombia while taking a sip of coffee or cocktail while soaking in the panoramic views. You can hike along the country’s historic trails, go bird watching, explore colorful pueblos, enjoy fine dining, unwind at the spa, or get to talk to the people for a better understanding of their culture and community.

    Cannúa offers you a chance to relax your way and do so responsibly. Inspired by permaculture ethics and design principles, the property firmly believes in the importance of slowing down to pave way for the creation of new and more sustainable ways to travel and responsibly connect visitors to local communities and ecosystems.

    Start time: 12:00 pm or 9:30 pm

    Duration: 1 - 2 hours

    Overnight: Marinilla - Cannua Lodge

    Option 1: Rum Experience

    Experience liquid tourism at its finest by tasting the unique Colombian rum. Their caramel-colored plonk used to be the most valuable treasure for seafarers and not a chest of gold. To this day, the locals are still enjoying their national liquor - rum.

    From the distant lands of Asia, through Europe to the Americas, sugarcane takes us on an intricate journey. If you still haven’t heard, rum is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Latin America.

    Colombia produces three of the best rums in the world.

    In this tour, you will know more about the history of rum, get to taste it and learn what makes a good rum.

    Take the time to awaken your senses and embark on a journey of sensations and magical stories. At the same time, you will learn about the world of rum and the curious moments accompanied by different historical personalities, especially pirates and sailors.

    Start time: 5:00 pm

    Duration: 1-2 hours

    Overnight: Marinilla - Cannua Lodge

    Option 2: Magical Sunset Hike

    In this tour, you get to experience real adventure. You will make an ecological walk for approximately two hours with the guide of a member of the Cannúa team.

    You will also have the opportunity to learn in-depth the history of the area, learn about the property’s rich ecosystem, and learn how the hotel came to fruition under the principles of generating an environmental impact.

    The reward at the end of the trail will be an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime privilege. You will be able to discover and appreciate two species of prehistoric and protected plants in the country along with the breathtaking view of San Nicolas valley.

    If you are game for a braver adventure, you can dare to take the route to finish at night. The reward is you will be able to identify nocturnal creatures and have an incredible view of the stars.

  • Day 2

    Colorful Colombia: Nature & Villages in Guatapé & El Peñol

    Start time: 8:00 am

    Duration: 9-10 hours

    Overnight: Marinilla - Cannua Lodge

    Visit A Local Cheese Producer

    On your second day, your journey will start a few meters from Cannúa where people in the neighborhood get up very early to begin their work peacefully and accompanied by a ritual.

    They milk the cows with respect and so much gratitude which they learned from their ancestors. For this amusing experience, you will only have to walk a few steps outside of the hotel to be gently enveloped by the authentic friendliness of the people in the neighborhood.

    Get to learn the entire cheese-making process from milking, mixing, kneading, molding, and resting using only your hands. You also get to taste the final product that you whipped up yourself.

    After that, we are going to drive to Guatapé which offers a peaceful break from the city while also featuring a stunning panoramic view of nature and the surrounding scenery from the top of its hill.

    Upon arrival, we will start with the Rock of Guatapé in Antioquia. This is among the main attractions of Medellín. This gigantic granitic monolith is pretty much visible wherever you are in the city. This massive stone has been formed millions of years ago. The ancient Tahamies Indians, former inhabitants of the region, used to worship the Guatapé Rock.

    Climbing the rock will take 740 steps and is approximately 220 meters high, but will be very rewarding. As you reach the top, you can get a panoramic view of the beautiful Peñol Reservoir. The magical and breathtaking views of the region will surely render you speechless.

    The 360-degree magical view of the fingers of the lake sprawling amid the vast expanse of the green mountains is a must-see in Colombia.

    After that awe-inspiring experience, you will be transported to Guatapé proper. It is famous for its church and colorful village. Whether you love photography or not, you surely won’t get enough of this place. It is renowned as one of the most colorful towns in the whole world.

    Truth be told, it will be pretty hard to find a street in Guatapé that is not worthy of being admired and photographed. Ready your lens and take as many pictures and videos as you like.

    Guatapé is known for the fresco-like adornment of its traditional houses with brightly painted bas-relief depictions of people, animals, and shapes. Walk the streets while your specialized guide informs you about the history of typical houses, ¨zocalos¨, and their unique culture.

    Enjoy a delicious typical Colombian lunch at the waterfront of the Guatapé reservoir. You may also explore the lake on a boat ride and take time to stroll and relax at your own pace.

    Cortesía del Bureau de Medellín y

  • Day 3

    Select one of the two following tours

    Start time: 9:00 am

    Duration: 6-8 hours

    Overnight: Marinilla - Cannua Lodge

    Marinilla and El Ensueño Guitar Factory

    Are you a music lover? If you are a guitar aficionado, then this tour is perfect for you.

    To begin with, you will explore local life in nearby Marinilla, a typical Antioquian pueblo that is yet to be discovered by tourists. Marinilla is known as the “Sparta of Colombia” for the bravery and heroism of soldiers in the area during the war of Spain’s independence.

    During this guided historical and cultural tour, you will see the 2,760 crosses in the Museum of the Crosses, get to try the famous fresh bread of the city, and have a cup of typical Colombian coffee at the central plaza.

    Marinilla is also home to one of Colombia’s most famous and best guitar factories. Gain exclusive access to the factory to learn about the importance of music in Marinilla, the production of guitars, and the story of the family that, after decades, still runs the factory.

    Cortesía del Bureau de Medellín y

    Start time: 9:00 am

    Duration: 4 - 5 hours

    Overnight: Marinilla - Cannua Lodge

    Traditional Pottery at Carmen de Viboral

    The nearby town of El Carmen is famous across Colombia for its tradition of producing high-quality, handmade, and hand-painted ceramic wear. The tradition has been passed down to several generations, and on this trip, you’ll head to a small factory started by a group of young friends who noticed the tradition disappearing with their generation. Now, the friends make everything from scratch, and you’ll get the chance to help them keep the tradition alive!

    See Colombia’s most famous ceramics made from start to finish, lend a hand in making the ceramics, and learn the exciting history of this tradition from the factory's founders themselves.

    ** This tour must be reserved 2 days in advance

    Cortesía del Bureau de Medellín y

  • Day 4

    The City of Eternal Spring and Its Story of Transformation - Hello Pereira!

    Start time: 8:00 am

    Duration: 8 hours

    Overnight: Sazagua - Pereira

    On this day, you get to explore and learn more about the rich history of Medellín. Stroll through the hustle and bustle of the City of Eternal Spring to the famous Botero Plaza located in Parque el Berrio with an exhibition of Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

    In its downtown and historic center, you will also get to see 23 outdoor bronze sculptures which are now a landmark in the city. It would be best to take photos beside the sculptures to add to your travel memories.

    After that, you will take the Metro Cable up to Santo Domingo. The cable car was constructed to make the inner city more accessible to people from the outskirts of town and allow the visitors to take a glimpse of the lives of the marginalized population.

    While enjoying the spectacular view from the cable car, your guide will help you learn more about Medellín which houses the warmest and friendliest people in the world.

    On this day, you also get to discover one of the most transformative communities in Colombia -The Comuna 13.

    It is among the most visited places in Medellín. If you are looking to experience the unique culture of the city, Comuna 13 tour is a perfect way to explore its rich art and history.

    See firsthand the positive changes that occurred in the area since its dark times. You will be amazed by the ability of its people to completely turn their community around for the better by raising awareness and life-changing programs which include stress artists who sparked and ignited hope in the area by telling their stories through graffitis.

    Their message of hope for a better community, which they have already achieved, can be seen in their artworks.

    Goodbye Medellin, Hello Pereira!

    Start time: TBD

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Overnight: Pereira - Sazagua

    After enjoying your tour around Medellin, get ready to explore the beauty of Pereira! Ready your luggage and yourself for a flight to the city. Pereira is the capital city of the Colombian department of Risaralda. You will be picked up with a welcome sign at Pereira Matecana International Airport by a private transportation service and be taken to your hotel.

    You can relax during your approximately 30-minute drive to your hotel. On the way, your English-speaking guide can give you all the recommendations you may like to get the most out of your stay.

  • Day 5

    Charming Towns, Special Coffees and coffee baptism in Hacienda San Alberto!

    Sazagua Boutique Hotel Description

    Above the Risaralda valley, in the middle of exuberant nature, is Sazagua. It is a personalized hotel that will make you feel at home away from home.

    It is adorned with a wonderful tropical garden, a set of native trees, and a collection of palms. The place is surrounded by the tranquility that only nature can provide. They also have a relaxing and refreshing pool hidden in the jungle which adds to the excitement and fun during your stay in the Coffee Region.

    Attended by warm and regional staff, it is a tribute to the history of the territory that recognizes our Quimbaya ancestors and values the work of our peasants. The hotel is in the heart of the coffee cultural landscape that is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    Its 18 rooms are filled with exquisite details. Corners filled with art become homey and soothing for visitors. It will surely make you feel at home and secure.

    Each of the rooms interprets these lands and the region in its way through its interior gardens, hammocks for resting, or handcrafted furniture. In addition to its super comfortable beds, the Hotel has many other areas where you can just relax and feel the great Colombian vibes. From comfortable living rooms to spaces in the garden around the fire, you can soothe yourself there at the end of the day.

    Start time: 8:00 am

    Duration: 10 hours

    Overnight: Pereira - Sazagua

    Charming Towns, Special Coffees and coffee baptism in Hacienda San Alberto!

    Cordoba, Pijao, and Buenavista are part of the Coffee Region that offers unique coffees.

    We will bring you back in time as we visit the first stop in Cordoba. You will be accompanied by a passionate coffee grower that will teach you all the secrets of the Colombian coffee bean and the reasons for its recognition as the softest coffee in the whole world.

    You will also get to enjoy a delicious, traditional lunch at the coffee farm.

    On the path towards Pijao, the southeastern part of Quindio, you can start a landscape hunt while climbing the central mountain range. The pathway allows you to admire the foothills of Quindío and the ever-changing mountain colors between green and blue.

    Walk its streets, receive a surprise in latte art, and know why the lovely Pijao is known as the “slow city” of Latin America.

    The day ends at a viewpoint in Buenavista to enjoy the sunset that offers a spectacle of colors to the picturesque scenery.

  • Day 6

    Salento, Filandia, & the Valley of Wax Palms

    Start time: 9:00 am

    Duration: 7-8 hours

    Overnight: Pereira - Sazagua

    Salento is an Andean town in Colombia located west of Bogota. It is popular for its coffee estates and verdant scenery. On the east side of Salento is Cocora Valley where lofty wax palm trees are home to rare parrots and other birds.

    In 1985, Ceroxylon Quindiuense, a distinct species of a palm tree, was declared the country’s national tree.

    We will begin the tour by visiting the Cocora Valley.

    First, you'll have a welcome cocktail called "Canelazo." With the assistance of a specialist eco guide, we'll be ready to start the introduction to the natural reserve of Cocora.

    You will then be transferred to the fog's forest to witness the biodiversity of fauna and flora. There you’ll find the highest wax palm in the world and the tour won’t be complete without connecting with the earth. We will do a special ritual planting of some palms to pay our respect and appreciation to the wonderful gifts of Mother Nature.

    After the planting, we'll go to the typical village of Salento, a heritage town characterized by its stunning and colorful traditional architecture. We will stop for lunch and continue visiting Filandia, a little town where you can walk through and adore its colonial streets and beautiful crafts.

    You will also have the opportunity to visit the "La Colina Iluminada" lookout point. It offers a panoramic view of the mountains of the coffee region and you have to get your cameras ready.

    Finally, we will visit a traditional basketry workshop where you will learn the art of making baskets using vegetable fibers.

    *Note: The Quindio viewpoint is closed every Monday and every Tuesday when Monday is a holiday in Colombia. Also, the order or the activities can vary depending of the availability and restrictions of the activities during the day*

  • Day 7

    Transfer to El Nido del Condor Lodge

    Start time: TBC

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    Overnight: El Nido del Condor Ecolodge

    Today, you get to experience one of the most unique parts of the trip.

    You will be picked up from your hotel by a private car in Pereira and transferred by land to El Nido del Condor Ecolodge. This magic place is located approximately 2.5 hours from the departure point in the city. On the way, your English-speaking guide can give you all the recommendations you may like to get the most out of your stay.

    It is important to note that as the hotel is located in the Andean mountain range, the road to El Nido del Condor is unpaved, and the use of a 4x4 car is a must. The hotel is located 17 km from the municipality of Villa Maria, Caldas (Condor route), on the way to Los Nevados National Park and the path to the Santa Isabel mountain top.

    Nido Ecolodge Hotel, The House Next To The Andes Condors

    It's a strategic place for the sighting of different species, especially the pair of Condors that nest on the plateau where one of the three well-known nests of the Condor of the Andes is located. Perched at 2,700 m, this luxury campsite sits at the top of the food chain.

    The chance to get up close and cozy with the Colombian condor makes this mountain base camp all the more special. Arrive in style in El Nido’s cable car, get settled into your 5-star tented lodge, and enjoy breathtaking views and the farm-to-plate menu.

  • Day 8

    Free day at El Nido Ecolodge

    Time to enjoy at your own pace in beautiful Colombia!

    The trip is long but having the time of your own to enjoy the day at your own pace is a gratifying experience. Around your hotel, you will find different sizes and forms of mountains, with stunning views and gorgeous friends that guard the Andes, the Condors! Take your time to relax and be amazed by the exceptional beauty of our nature.

    Don't hesitate to ask us about recommendations, whether you need something specific or just general information about activities close to you.

  • Day 9

    El Nido - Pereira Airport - Santa Marta - Cayena Beach

    Transfer from El Nido to Pereira Airport with Private Transportation Service | Flight from Pereira to Santa Marta with Private Transportation Service from Santa Marta Airport to Cayena Beach.

    You can relax during your approximately 2.5 hours drive on the way to the airport. Your English-speaking guide will be with you during the transfer. Then take the flight from Pereira to Santa Marta.

    Welcome to Santa Marta! You will be picked up with a welcome sign at Simón Bolívar Airport by a private transportation service and be transported safely to your hotel for 1.1 hours.

    Cayena Hotel Description

    The Cayena Hotel is located on a coastline stretch that is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is located where the Caribbean ocean meets snow-capped equatorial mountains.

    You will be left in awe of the picturesque and truly stunning surroundings. The coastline where Cayena Beach Villa is located has coconut palms, a lush jungle, and towering green mountains.

    You will find yourself in an abyss of tropical flora and fauna, with howler monkeys, toucans, caiman, iguanas, geckos, and numerous species of birds and butterflies. The unique location provides easy access to must-see destinations that are worth exploring in the area.

  • Day 10

    The Ancient Kogui Settlement & Tubing Adventure

    Start time: 8:00 am

    Duration: 6 hours

    Overnight: Tayrona Region - Cayena

    Today, throw on your bathing suit and take a relaxing innertube ride along with the lazy Río Don Diego, which runs down from the Sierra Nevadas to the ocean.

    This fun route unfolds at a manageable pace, with a hilly green rainforest lining both sides of the river. From the riverbanks, you'll hear howler monkeys and spot a variety of birds and butterflies. You'll even see views of snowy Sierra Nevada peaks in the distance.

    You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a short trail surrounded by the flora and fauna of the region.

    Discover Taironaka. You can see the terraces where the Tayrona Indians built their homes.

    Then, the river culminates at a beautiful white-sand beach along the Caribbean Sea. Here, you will have the chance to relax on the sand, dip your toes in the sea, and enjoy the views.

  • Day 11

    The Wonderful Beaches of Tayrona Park

    Start time: 8:00 am

    Duration: 9 hours

    Overnight: Guachaca

    Tayrona National Park is a jewel of Colombian nature. It is a must-see and is world-renowned to be a sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains. The beautiful park is adorned with Mangrove swamps, corals, algae prairies, thorny scrubland, and magical dry, humid, and cloud forests proliferate. It is also home to a surprising variety of vegetal and animal species that bear witness to life.

    Flora and fauna observations are truly fascinating here, especially birdwatching which includes the threatened Andean condor.

    Aside from its natural and archaeological attractions, Tayrona Natural Park is an excellent site for eco-tourism, thanks to the diversity of its sea waves and diving sites.

    The Tayrona Natural Park is home to over 100 mammals including howling monkeys, pumas, deer, and several bats. Over 300 bird species coexist with them. You get to see condors, lone and white eagles in there too.

    The park is also home to 31 reptiles, 15 amphibians, 202 sponges, 471 crustaceans, and more than 1,000 marine species. Dolphins and marine turtles are frequent visitors, the latter for spawning.

    It is medium-level intensity hiking. It takes around 2 hours and a half on the way in and 2 hours and a half back. It is a full-day experience where you can enjoy a wonderful adventure, beaches, nature, peace, and wildlife animals.

    We will reach Cabo San Juan, then you can bask under the sun and take a refreshing bath in the sea and enjoy a typical lunch along the shore before we hike back.

  • Day 12

    Transfer Cayena Hotel to Cartagena.

    Transfer Cayena Hotel to Cartagena - Private Transportation Service.

    You can relax during your approximately 2 hours of drive time via a private transportation service on the way to Barranquilla. Your English-speaking guide will be with you during the transfer.

    We will do a stopover in the city of Barranquilla which is the capital of the Atlantic Department. It is an overflowing seaport, bordered by the Magdalena River.

    The city is known for its huge Carnival which brings together performers in extravagant costumes, elaborate cars, and cumbia music. You will enjoy a typical lunch at Malecon del Rio while enjoying the amazing view of Magdalena.

    Then we will continue the transfer for 2.0 hours drive to Cartagena.

    Welcome to Cartagena!

    Casa San Agustin a place with history and charm

    A luxurious small hotel carefully restored and reimagined for a new generation of travelers, the exquisite Casa San Agustín reflects Cartagena's fresh contemporary style and colorful Caribbean sensibility. Refined and relaxed, its trio of whitewashed colonial-era buildings exudes the warmth of a lavishly appointed private residence. From the original frescoes in the library to the centuries-old wood-beamed ceilings in the rooms, Casa San Agustín's art and architecture evoke the city's rich history as a 17th-century Spanish stronghold.

  • Day 13

    Discover the Queen of America

    Start time: 9:00 am

    Duration: 4 hours

    Overnight: Cartagena

    The city is designed like a fortress because it used to be the principal shipping port of gold from the New World back to Spain.

    The stone ramparts helped protect it from countless pirate attacks, including Sir Francis Drake's most famous of all.

    Talking about this rich history, on this day, you get to visit numerous plazas, the church, the monastery of San Pedro Claver, and the Basilica Minor cathedral.

    This is another great chance to stroll along the narrow cobbled streets lined with colonial houses.

    Then, you will visit the Castle where the Spaniards sought to protect the city from the attacks of the English in the seventeenth century known as "El Castillo De San Felipe de Barajas."

    Visit the Getsemani neighborhood, one of the most traditional and popular sectors of the city. You will enjoy a guided scenic walk and get to visit different streets. You will surely appreciate the graffiti that adorn some streets in the area.

  • Day 14

    Barú Town & Beach at the Rosario Islands

    Start time: 8:00 am

    Duration: 9 hours

    Overnight: Cartagena

    Indulge yourself in the warm, crystal waters of the Caribbean. You will be picked up from your hotel and transported to Barú for about an hour of travel.

    Barú is a peninsula often called an island, bounded by the Bay of Cartagena, the Dique Canal, and the Caribbean Sea.

    Upon arrival, you will enjoy a typical breakfast in a local family house of one of the native people.

    After that, we will take a boat to Isla Grande in the archipelago of the Rosario Islands.

    The Rosario Islands are an integral part of one of Colombia’s most important national parks. The only park in the country that is primarily underwater. As such, the islands and surrounding waters are well preserved and protected which means you can enjoy their wonders as nature intended.

    The fun tour doesn’t end there. We will stop at one or two spectacular spots for snorkeling. Then, you will finally be able to enjoy and rest at the beach.

    A luscious lunch with fresh fish prepared by locals will then be served. It is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting Cartagena.

  • Day 15

    Departure - From Cartagena to Rafael Núñez International Airport

    Today is your last day in Cartagena. Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, and based on the time of your departure flight, you will be taken from the city of Cartagena to the Rafael Núñez International Airport by a private transportation service.

    Thank you so much for visiting Colombia. It is a great honor to tour you in our country. We hope you had a great time and we hope to see you again.

    Have a safe flight back home!

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